Friday, August 22, 2014

Yellowstone & Thermopolis...........Part 3 of 3.....Yellowstone

Our last day into Yellowstone Nat'l Park was by far the best as far as scenery!  When you go into Yellowstone, there are 2 loops you can do, the lower loop and the upper loop.  Well, the upper loop is so beautiful, take a look at the pictures I posted today!  We took both the South Rim & North Rim Roads showing the amazing waterfalls and canyons.  I can't pick a favorite road, they were both worth seeing!  Take a look at the pictures of Artist Point(look at the different colors of the rocks) you can see why its called Artist Point. 

After seeing the waterfalls, we headed up Mt Washburn through winding roads with hairpin turns and came across a nice pull off where we decided to have lunch.  Al got a picture of the valley and mountain peaks but made the mistake of showing me another sign saying "Beware of Bears", it was time to go.  On our way toward the beginning of the upper loop we found the Yellowstone River rapids, Al got some pictures and we discussed that we would both love to do a white river rapid excursion some day(a moderate white river rafting, of course). 

We ended up leaving the Yellowstone campground a couple of days early because we thought the elevation was too much for us.  I didn't want to go over anymore big mountains so we took route 120 toward Utah, which turned out to be an amazing drive.  As we drove along the Longhorn River, on the other side of the river, a train drove with us(that was a nice treat, for Al).  I posted a few of the pictures of the tunnels we went through and if you look at one of the pictures you'll see the train went through a tunnel on the other side of the river!

South Rim Road: Upper Falls

South Rim Road: Lower Falls looking west

South Rim Road: Lower Falls at Artist Point

South Rim Road: Another view from Artist Point

North Rim Road: Upper Falls

North Rim Road: Lower Falls Canyon looking west
North Rim Road: Lower Falls

Yellowstone River flowing through the canyon

Mt Washburn where we stopped and had lunch

Yellowstone River rapids

Ranch between Yellowstone and our campground, the pile
of antlers represents allot of dead animals(so sad, isn't it).

Wind River Canyon(zoom in and you can see
both tunnels)

Wind River Canyon, Al turned and shot in the other direction.

Wind River Canyon across the Bighorn River, look toward
the middle of the picture.  You can see a railroad tunnel! Thought
you might like this picture, Bob!

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