Monday, September 1, 2014

Utah & Nevada

We decided to pull over and have lunch at the Fillmore, UT rest area and realized it had an amazing view of the mountains. Originally, we were going to do the 4 national parks throughout Utah, but changed our minds after going through the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming with the motorhome.    Now, we just wanted to get out of the mountains and onto level ground. Unfortunately, this was not going to happen in Utah!  Al decided to take route 15 through Utah and it was a good decision, we drove between the beautiful and colorful mountains at the distance that I was comfortable with.

As we drove into Nevada, we were flagged down by a passing car honking and waving at us.  When we pulled over, we found our tow dolly wheel smoking.  Thank god they stopped us, who knows what would have happened!  We headed to Camping World, where we bought the tow dolly but they were booked solid in there service department, so we knew we were going to be there for awhile.  I was able to gamble a bit while we were there on the Vegas strip at New York, New York and off the strip at the Sunset Station Casino where I lost a little money but had allot of fun.  Mt Charleston was a nice day trip, mostly to get out of the heat, and yes a mountain but in the car.  The motorhome air conditioner just couldn't keep up with the heat. After 10 long hot days(the temperature reached 105 degrees) our tow dolly was fixed(the axle was broken and the bearings needed to be repacked).  Lake Mead was a beautiful sight on our way out of Vegas knowing that we were heading to the Grand Canyon!

Fillmore, UT rest area w/Pahmont Mountains in the background.

We're just outside Cedar City in the valley of Zion
National Park.

Sunset Station Casino, outside the Las Vegas strip.

Mt. Charleston, 50 miles outside Las Vegas.

Al got this rainbow just after a storm at our
campground in Vegas.

Lake Mead as we leave Las Vegas.