Monday, June 23, 2014

Ohio, Indiana & Illinois

We arrived in Ohio eager to see Toledo but were disappointed with the condition of the city!  Never got out of the car to tour the city but found yet another casino on our drive home.  Seems every state has a casino(Rose you should have done this trip with us).   As you can see, we had an awesome site right on the lake so we sat out and enjoyed the view! 
Our Motorhome at Fire Lake Campground
After leaving Ohio, we headed to Indiana to meet up with friends we met in Florida.  We haven't known Frank and Angie very long but feel like we've known them forever.  We enjoyed a dinner out, a camp fire and some good conversation.  Hope to see them in Florida this winter if California doesn't work out!

Indiana KOA w/myself, Al, Angie & Frank

Now for Illinois, Chicago is one of the greatest cities I've ever seen!  Living in Boston, you can see we are very similar but in a smaller scale.  We sat on Navy Pier and had lunch while watching the sail boats and ferries go by.  Its unbelievable to look out at the water and understand that this is a lake and not the ocean!  I put a picture of the Buckingham Fountain, and the city from the park right on the water.  As of today, this is my favorite city.  

Standing on Navy Pier looking into Chicago

Buckingham Fountain

Looking into Chicago from Buckingham Fountain

Monday, June 9, 2014

Renfrew, PA(Pittsburgh

We arrived in Pennsylvania exhausted but ready to start this adventure!  Unfortunately, the weather wasn't cooperating, rain the first 3 days we were here.  Finally, Thursday, the weather cleared and we headed for Pittsburgh.  What a great city, you can go to a football game, a baseball game, a casino or just shop and have lunch.  Al wanted to do the incline(of course its like a train) so we headed over to Mount Washington to check it out.  It didn't disappoint, was worth doing!
Toward the end of the week we headed for Moraine State Park and hiked around the lake.  What a beautiful place, when you looked around you get the sense Pennsylvania is very much like New England.

View from Incline into Pittsburgh

Incline heading down

Moraine State Park

Monday, June 2, 2014

First Stop

Hello everyone,

Here is our first (second actually) stop on our tour of the US! Croton Point Park in Croton on the Hudson, NY. We stopped in and saw our son Todd and his lovely wife Gina as they took us around the area. We were delighted to see West Point and Bear Mountain NY. The weekend ended with a nice
cookout and firepit at their home in Cortlandt Manor, NY.

The first stop, Croton Point Park!