Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Yellowstone & Cody, WY......Part 2 of 3

Or 2nd day at Yellowstone, the mission was to get to the "Old Faithful Geyser".  Mission accomplished, we made it, but waited about an hour for it to erupt.  While waiting, the storm clouds came in but held off long enough for us to see Old Faithful gush.  Al was a little disappointed, he thought it would go much higher then it was.  I like it, low expectations I guess!  I did read somewhere that Old Faithful doesn't have the biggest eruption, its just has the most consistent.  That was our only reason we went into Yellowstone that day but on the way back we stopped to get some pictures of Yellowstone Lake.  As you drive along the edge of the lake, there are geysers erupting and people getting out of there cars to watch. 

A day into the town of Cody proved to be enjoyable.  It's an old western style town named after Buffalo Bill Cody with staged gunfights in front of the Irma Hotel or you can go to the Stampede Rodeo.  We went to the nature trail and walked along the Shoshone River until I saw a sign stating there were Black Bears in the area.  On our way back to the camper, we stopped at the Buffalo Bill Dam where Al got some more great pictures. 

Al at the "Old Faithful Geyser" sign

Old Faithful erupting just beating the storm

Another pic of Old Faithful erupting(it was worth the wait).

Yellowstone Lake  and auto road

Yellowstone Lake, it's huge!

Downtown Cody

The "Irma Hotel", where they stage gunfights at night

We took a walk on this nature trail where Al took a picture.

This town is named after Buffalo Bill Cody and Al wanted
a picture depicting the old west.

We're at the Buffalo Bill Dam, if you look at the middle
of the picture, you'll see a tunnel.  We actually brought
the motorhome through that tunnel! 

Again we're at the Buffalo Bill Dam, Al just turned around
and took a picture in the opposite direction!  This is
the Shoshone River!

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