Monday, July 14, 2014

Mitchell, South Dakota

 We're in Mitchell, South Dakota visiting the Corn Palace.  Believe it or not the murals in the Corn Palace are made out of 12 different corn colors.  They're in the process of changing all of the murals this year but are still letting people visit the palace.  Todd, I know you like to see all different styles of art, this is folk art, what do you think? 
The next stop was Mitchell's Prehistoric Indian Village which we stopped by to see because the campground told us students from England were working on the archeological dig.  We thought it would be nice to see them working the site and we were not disappointed.  
Next stop, the badlands!

2 murals made out of corn on the outside of the Palace

2 more murals outside the Corn Palace

Here's a mural inside(looks like he's building a fire)

Earthern Lodge(look at the village below, this is a single home)

Prehistoric Indian Village(1,100 years ago)

Archeological dig site

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  1. I think that the corn art is corn/y, I mean awesome! I like that its rotating art as well. First thought was, how do they preserve the corn so it doesn't rot? Perhaps shellac? But, you answered it, they change it every year.

    Very cool to see! Wish I was there with you, MISS YOU GUYS!