Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A vist to Milwaukee, WI

Thought we'd head to Milwaukee and see Lake Michigan from a different angle(looks like the ocean there too, amazing).   You can walk, eat or sail along the river in the downtown area.  They also have a mall in the downtown area, I felt right at home, one of the stores is called "Boston Loft"!  The picture that looks like a white ship is called "The Art Museum", isn't it awesome, and as you can see, its right on Lake Michigan!  We should have made time to visit it. The last picture is O'Donnell Park(with the orange modern art symbol), just to the left of the symbol is the Miller Pavilion, which has a brewery and restaurant! 

Downtown Milwaukee(right side of picture is the Mall)

Milwaukee River

Milwaukee Art Museum w/Lake Michigan

O'Donnell Pavilion w/Miller Brewery(left)

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